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Dr. Oblivion’s Guide to Teenage Dating

Dr. Oblivion is a villain who just wants to take over the world so he can run it better, and make a safe place for his 15 year old daughter, Callie. But soon his worst nightmare happens: Callie starts dating! To make matters worse, she’s dating the secret identity of the local teen hero, The Mongoose!

First Published:  November 2005

How Many Books So Far:

13 issues, 1 Handbook (or 3 Graphic Novels)

Future Publishing:

7 Graphic Novels Total (At Current Plan)

How This Book Came To Be:

I took my little sister-in-law to an arcade in Tempe, AZ where boys much older than her began to ogle her. I was infuriated by this and though: “If I was Doctor Doom, you’d be vaporized by now!”... which led me to think, “what if Peter Parker dated Doctor Doom’s daughter?” And so, Dr. Oblivion was born!

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