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Bosco & Fleet: Detectives of the Occult Sciences

A talking octopus and gorilla solve occult crimes in Victorian London! Which is good news for queen and country as a new player, Lord Unknowable, makes his presence known! Now Bosco & Fleet have to find out: are his motives evil? Or is he just trying to save more lives than he’s willing to sacrifice?

First Published:  2014

How Many Books So Far:

4 issues or 1 Graphic Novel

Future Publishing:

13 issues total (4 Graphic Novels total)

How This Book Came To Be:

My grandma gave me a Lego octopus and Bionicle gorilla for Christmas and I had put them both on my desk, the octopus riding the gorilla, and I thought it would be a fun print. While making the print, I came up with the idea of them solving weird crimes. Originally, it was going to be set in the 70’s (as it was partially inspired by Kolchak) but I decided on the Victorian era (as it was influenced more by Sherlock Holmes) and blending the classic literature of that era and the pop culture ideas of today. It was also one of my earliest series to NOT be a comedy, or one based solely on a comedic tone. It was my second series where all the art was by ink brush and marker.

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