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I Frickin’ Love You!

The true love story between Jeff and Tricia! For reals! Everything in this series really has happened to them! Everything from how they met, to traveling to Tricia’s home in Africa, to Jeff’s diabetes and the infertility issues they both faced, leading them to adopting their baby girl! Love isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

First Published:  May 2016

How Many Books So Far:

3 Graphic Novels

Future Publishing:


How This Book Came To Be:

Originally yearly gifts to Tricia, we decided to collect the mini-comics I wrote and drew her and she co-wrote the rest of the series with me! We also faced many issues couples rarely talk about and also a life changing event in our infertility, which many people didn’t know how to handle. Publishing that opened up the floodgates for other couples to see they weren’t alone. It also gives people a chance to peek into the world of adoption. Plus, I love Tricia a TON.

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