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Two slacker brothers work at a pawn shop that sells equipment to heroes and wannabes! It’s like retail, but with flying men and gods… so… worse? Violating company policy, management changes and night shifts are VERY different here!

First Published:  2013

How Many Books So Far:

3 comics or 1 Graphic Novel

Future Publishing:

4 Graphic Novels Total (At Current Plan)

How This Book Came To Be:

I worked in retail since I was 17, so I had many, many, MANY stories of customers gone mad with power and abusing fellow employees, and I thought “I bet even superpowered beings are too”. I added in the pawn shop idea after hearing Sublime’s song and added in two childhood friends who are brothers in real life as they are in the book as the leads! Now I get to add in my experiences as a retail employee, manager and situations I think would be created by being those in that world! And as a side note, SuperPawn and Dr. Oblivion are set in the same universe!

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