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Nicholas Claus, The Warrior Saint

He didn’t start out as Santa. Nicholas Claus was once a simple town guardsman who loved making toys for the village children. But fate had another road for him to travel. Love, loss and horror follows him wherever he goes, all leading to a legacy that is felt to this day.

First Published:  November 2013

How Many Books So Far:

2 issues

Future Publishing:

6 issues total (or 2 Graphic Novels)

How This Book Came To Be:

Originally it was set up as a one-shot for Christmas about a unknown creature Santa made, Nacht Klaue, to fight the forces of ultimate evil as he made his delivery on Christmas night. While working on the book, I decided to make it a yearly one-shot. It was derailed a bit as there were MANY Santa adaptations from 2013-2016 so I took a break, but now I’m moving ahead to finish up his mini-series! The story is told in a classic fable style, with no dialogue, just narration boxes. Nacht Klaue was also the first time I used an ink brush pen and markers to make a comic.

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