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Lifelong friends find a device that can turn their imaginations into reality! Unfortunately, they’re all a bunch of screw-ups. Accidentally bringing a white-out pen to life, they become hunted by an evil corporation and a pair of FBI agents in an attempt to get the device for their own purposes! Throw in alternate realities, evil twins and time traveling thieves and you’ve got yourself one weird trip!

First Published:  April 2008

How Many Books So Far:

8 comics, or 2 Graphic Novels

Future Publishing:

8 Graphic Novels (planned)

How This Book Came To Be:

This book originated as the first comic I ever made back in high school! After a friend gave me a copy of Scud: The Disposable Assassin, I found out about indy comics and decided to make one based on me and my friends! Part Sliders, part Breakfast Club, I wanted to make this the comic I dropped dead making! By far my favorite series, Imaginatives holds a solid place in my heart.

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