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Jeff Pina

Writer, Artist, 80s Kid, Sci-Fi Nerd

Hi, I’m Jeff! I was twelve when I decided I wanted to make comics. At 16 I created what was going to become “Imaginatives” and when I was 27, I self-published my first comic book: “Dr. Oblivion’s Guide to Teenage Dating.” Since then, I’ve created almost a dozen titles, as well as completed work for Valiant Comics, Big Dog Ink, Moonstone Publishing and Hasbro Games.


It’s been over a decade since I first self-published, bringing my amazing wife, Tricia, into writing and co-writing some of our books. Since then I have become a stay-at-home dad, continuing to create new stories and artwork, as nap time allows. Take a look around, and hopefully you’ll see something you like! If not, don’t worry… I haven’t run of of ideas yet!

Tricia Pina

Writer, Digital Setup, Pretty Super Wife

I might spend my day art directing other people but I love to return to my first love of writing little bits of whimsy. Having an illustrator for a husband has suited my purposes well and I am so glad to have been able to tell stories together with him.

When not playing grown-up or mommy, I love to create. No matter if it is photography, design, sewing, writing or crochet, my heart is happy.

Meet The Support Staff


A little bundle of joy and opinions, Ella is the kid Jeff and Tricia had been waiting for. Happy, friendly and willing to give a smile to anyone who sees her, Ella is a joy to be around.

On any given day, Ella "helps" her Daddy create artwork by grabbing and chewing on his pens, wrinkling his paper, and distracting him with her big belly laughs and infectious grin. 

Adopting Ella has truly been a miracle and if you would like to learn more about her story, she has a staring roll in "I Freakin' Love You, Baby."

Right now, Ella's favorite things are Daddy, Mama, Elmo, songs with hand motions, raspberries, and hitting on her drum. 


aka: Simba Rodriguez Acosta Aguirre Hernandez Henry Pina III; Babycat; ”Lil’ Gato”; Fat Kitty; Pink Nose Pink Toes; Senor Kittyfantastico; The Fat One.

Bought off craigslist for $1, Simba was saved from a shelter and brought into our lives. He loves food, but especially human food. He gets aggressive around cheez-its, bacon and cherrios.

Very schedule oriented, Simba requires fresh wet food every few hours. He falls over on his side to beg because he’s dramatic. (He even looks up to see if we’ve noticed that he’s fallen over.)

Originally an aggressive biter, it wasn't until we got Tembo that he became a cuddler. While working on the computer, he makes his spot wrapped around Jeff’s foot, or is next to him when he inks his pages. While he is Jeff’s cat, Tricia is His human.


aka: “Tembo Tembo”; Puppet; Love; Puppetcat; Stilts; The Tiny Cute One

Tembo was the runt of his litter and he loves to be petted as much as Simba loves food. he got the nickname “Puppet” because he reminded Jeff and Trish of “Princess Henryetta” in “Mister Rodgers’

While a lover, he’s also a fighter. Any bugs in the house, no matter the size or danger, causes him to not only kill it, but to alarm Jeff and Tricia, then rip it to pieces and eat what’s left. (He fought off bees this way, snatching them in mid-air.)

Tembo calmed Simba when he was brought into the house and keeps Simba in shape by chasing him up the stairs. He also doesn’t care what kind of food he eats.

He sits in the bedroom doorway during the night to keep an eye on everything going on. While primarily Tricia’s cat, he has recently started to cuddle up to Jeff.

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