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Cats Are Bad At

Cats are bad at… pretty much everything, but who doesn't love them? Ok, a LOT of people don’t, but there’s stuff in here for them too! Love them or hate them, this book points out what we love and hate about cats! Personally, I love ‘em. Except Simba begging for food at 4am. That boy needs to grow some thumbs!

First Published:  2012

How Many Books So Far: 

Future Publishing:

Possibly a Sequel

How This Book Came To Be:

So Simba, who is 22 pounds of fur and stomach, jumped on our TV, fell behind it, got caught in the cables, dragging down our DVD player on him. That scared him, making him jump up, still tangled in wires, fell back down and bolted. I realized then… Cats are bad at a LOT of things! That, and I wanted to do a book about cats.

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