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Dr. Oblivion #2 Guide to Secret Identities

Dr. Oblivion #2 Guide to Secret Identities

SKU: DO002
$19.99 Regular Price
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Dr. Oblivion just had the world’s most powerful hero, Mr. Virtuous,  fly up to his doorstep with a simple request: Help him create a secret identity and he’ll help Dr. Oblivion retire with his crimes washed away. Dr. Oblivion reluctantly agrees, however Mr. Virtuous’ team, the Super-Groupers, is a group obsessed with the fame and fortune of super-heroing except for The Quail, who is using Mr. Virtuous as a weapon on his war on crime, putting Dr. Oblivion right in the sights of the team! All this and a secret from Dr. Oblivion’s past that could destroy them all!

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